Would you want me to blog on other types of travel?

From my name on this blogging site it’s predominantly about Cruises, however would you be interested in other areas?

For example we will be going on the Eurostar for the day to meet a good friend and do the Christmas Market in Brussels in December, would you be interested to hear about this from a wheelchair point of view?

There will be other ‘day trips’ we take, again would this be something to add? I could add as a post like this instead of a ‘blog’ so keeping it separate?

Please leave your thoughts here or like this page so I know if it’s something I should start on, or go to my Instagram page and follow me, here you can ask and answer Q&A’s.

Want to thank you all who have taken the time to read my posts and blogs, it really means a lot and I hope your find future ones more helpful!

If you have any tips on the type of things you would like me to add to my blogs again please leave in comments.

Thanks again all 😊